Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fajita's Back B!TC#ES

What You Heard! After almost six months, this blog is going back up. So many things have happened, I don't know where to start! Another New Year is upon us and there are so many fun things to do. I have a new computer, and I plan to be doing a  blog post 2 times a week. As of late, I have been sort of a hermit... yeah. I have been pretty lonely after my best friend moved away and stopped communicating with me, but I'm hanging in there. Gotta do something while ur a Hermit, so i chose games. I have had a lil trouble streaming and recording, but I am mostly playing Saints Row 4, Pokemon Showdown and Dota 2...
it's actually really embarrassing how much I have played Dota, I am at nearly 800 hours in less than 6 months. Pokemon Omega Ruby is my favorite game that is not PC and my favorite game overall. To kick off my return, for Pokemon fans, I have a Balanced Hackmons Sweep where I go into battle with only my Slaking and tear sh!t up. For the second battle, I have a Random Battle where it gets pretty heated. As for now guys, I hope you had an awesome time during the "Extended Break". I will see you guys later.
                      FAJITA USED RUN
                                   GOT AWAY SAFELY