Shoutout Saturday

Hey guys! This is the Shoutout Saturday rules and prizes. Shoutout Saturday is to help support everyone who is under appreciated and works very hard.

In order to get a shoutout, you need to...

  • Ask for one in the comment section of one of my posts. This post must include why you deserve a shoutout, where you want your shoutout, and if you want, a picture or quote to put in the post.
  • Not have any obscene or offensive content on where you want me to give your shoutout to.
  • Be following my blog officially (clicking the follow button).
  • Like 3 of my posts, and be an active follower.
When you get a shoutout, you get...

  • A shoutout, so that followers of my blog can check out what you do on your channel or website.
  • I will personally look at your channel of website.
  • An entire post about you (your shoutout) where you can leave a quote, a picture or a video.
This is a great way to kick-start your website or channel!