Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Social Experiment #1

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you guys about an experiment I am doing. It is about funny, smart or sweet. What I did was I posted a couple funny YouTube comments and a couple sweet YouTube channels. For example on this YouTube video, I left this comment. "Close your eyes and watch the video".
This amassed 35 likes in a couple of days.
Then I commented on this YouTube video. "Humans are the only animals built for endurance. Our ancestors could easily run this, but today, this is an amazing feat! Great Job!".
This comment also got 44 likes in approximately the same amount of time. This comment started a very large and scientific conversation and an argument.
I lastly commented on this video. "I cried". Is what I said.
I had gotten 30 likes on this post.
All these videos had similar audiences.
These results for these videos are closest to the averages of my experiment, the funny comments just got a bit more likes than the smart ones, and the sweet or moral comments on videos, usually got about 2/3 the likes of the jokes.
I would give you guys some reasoning, but, I'll let you guys find this out yourselves.
Do you agree with the amount of likes that these comments got?
Is this spread of likes true to society today?
Which comment would you like? Comment, and participate in my poll!
            -Psychology Fajita OUT