Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yay Sunburn!

I just got a sunburn. This may seem like bad news to you guys, but to me, this is heavenly news. The reason why this is such good news is because that means that our eternal winter is ending. The winter was so harsh and long, it felt like it would never end. In other news, nobody has requested to be on shoutout Saturday, so this week, it will not be going on. In related news, if your YouTube or website or whatever name is obscene or offensive, you do not qualify for shoutout Saturday. Also, as a small added bonus, you get a whole post on this blog devoted to you with a picture of your choice! You have until the end of today to qualify for today's shoutout, otherwise it will be next weekend. Please leave a comment saying why you deserve a shoutout, and where you want your shoutout, the winner will get a shoutout (duh!), I will personally visit your website and you get a whole post to yourself, which you can ask me to add a short quote and or a picture of your choice. Shoutout Saturday is to help give hard working under-appreciated people the recognition that they deserve. There will be a new page on the blog for Shoutout Saturdays, thank you.