Monday, May 26, 2014

Blog News

I don't have much else to say  than this.

  • I haven't encountered anything really interesting.
  • I am almost addicted to video games right now.
  • I have been working by butt off for school.
  • I wanted that last post to sink in :P.
  • I have been listening to way too much Skrillex music.
  • And I really couldn't think of anything to post about.
Sorry I haven't been very active, I love you so much for still viewing my blog. I am going to try to get daily posts up again, today I will have like three and prolly tomorrow too. I have issues with my ego and stuffs so knowing you guys still watch my stuff is amazing! I'm sorry I haven't really kept up on my end of the bargain. Cat posts are still gonna be coming at a constant rate now. I will center a few posts about cat stories and stuff. My YouTube Channel is still gonna get worked on, I am really waiting out to see what will happen to twitch and stuff like that. As always, thanks for reading the official WorthlessFajtia Blog!