Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Following Problem

I feel so self centered posting this, but you guys asked for it :P.
Some of you guys have requested a short idiot-proof guide on how to follow my blog. If you want something idiot proofed, I totally understand. I feel like an idiot when watching tutorials too!

Step 1: Go to, https://www.blogger.com/home ,this will bring you to blogger.
Step 2: It will say "Reading List" scroll down if you have to.
Step 3: Underneath where it says "Reading List" click on the "Add" button.
Step 4: It will ask you for the URL, enter the url of the blog you want to follow, the URL for this blog                       is, http://worthlessfajita.blogspot.com/ , just copy and paste it into the bar.
Step 5: Hit the orange "Follow" button.
Step 6: This will notify you whenever something goes on on my blog!