Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Fact of the week #1
I'm Sorry guys, I should have had this out to you on Sunday. Do I have an excuse? no.
I will try to keep this really short and simple for you guys,, to go more in depth, check it out on YouTube.

Heartbleed is a massive undetectable information leak bug. This was a big scare to many people, because there was a bug that left website's information open that should be hidden, like passwords or credit card numbers. Heartbleed is a bug in the public library package "Open SSL". This bug was patched, but what happens to all the data that was revealed? That information STAYS IN THE HANDS OF THE HACKERS. The best way to keep them from getting more information, and put a stop from them messing with your stuff is to simply change your password. This was a huge problem, and caused a lot of money worth of damage.

That's it for this Fact of the week, hope you guys enjoyed!
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