Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Presidential Library.

An Illinois House committee thinks that construction on the Barack Obama should be being thought of soon. He proposes that the state of Illinois puts the Presidential Library where else than good ol' Chicago! If put into action, the Illinois government will spend 100 million dollars on this. As of right now, the state is dealing with massive financial problems, so this decision might take a bit of explaining in order to pass full house inspection. This committee had a clear vote positive, because they think it will be a wise investment. Three schools are planning on bidding for the library; University of Chicago, Chicago State University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Library is estimated to cost half a billion dollars to construct! All these decisions are being made, even though it may not even be built in Chicago. What? Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that just because he had a strong political background, and he lived there, does not mean his library will be here. 
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Should the Presidential Library be built in Chicago? Does Barack Obama even deserve a Presidential Library?
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