Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lots of News!

Hey guys, I just finished running in my first track and field meet. Everyone did great and had a lot of fun! I got first in 55m hurdles and I am awaiting the official scoring on long jump. This was more of a small meet, so I was limited to two events. I had to leave early because I hurt my neck, I'm okay, it just really hurt. Because I had to leave so early, I do not have a picture for you guys.
My second bit of news for you guys is that I got Don't Starve Reign of Giants DLC. This is an awesome game, but I got it on early access, so I need to find out if I am allowed to record my gameplay. After I talk with the developers, I'll give you guys what will be happening.
I did hurt my neck today, so I will mostly be lying around, probably blogging, so I have a question for you guys. Would you guys mind if I monetized this blog. Now, you may be thinking, "Oh! so that's what Fajita was planning, he doesn't care about us, he only cares about the money!". Saying that, you would be wrong, just by interacting with my blog and channel, I could gain funds for new games, which eventually leads to more videos and more variety. Please leave your opinions down in the comments. Thank you guys, you are all awesome and I love you all!
                             -Fajita OUT!