Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plans Will Still Continue.

Sadly, Shedd will not be able to meet us in our next post. He had unexpected plans and he had to go. I will not let that get in my way. I will have a video or two of me being stupid at the park, just for you guys. In recent news, this blog has it's first official follower! I know that many of you guys are unofficial followers of this blog, but it's nice to have those stats up there. As you may have noticed, I did a small bit of remodeling on this blog. I have added a few things that can make your experience better when viewing this blog. I have added an option to translate, so that viewers in other countries will have an easier time reading my blog. I have added an additional like button and a blog stats viewer. I hope you guys like the changes that I made, I have got to go make that parkour video.
                      -Fajita OUT