Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Network Problem

Hey guys, sorry for no blog posts in a while, my internet is acting pretty awful. It dies every fifteen to seven minutes and I need to restart my computer. I will look into getting this fixed so that I can keep you guys informed as well as upload videos. We're nearing 100 page views and I just wanna thank you guys for how awesome you have been. If you like this blog, make sure to tell your friends, I want to show my stupidity to everyone! I know that I have not kept my initial promise for the future of this blog, but I am just getting things situated. Once I get a way to upload videos from my phone (It's being weird, sorry) and get my camera working, this blog will be what I promised in the first post. Looking forward to seeing where this blog goes. I am going to start doing a question of the day from now on (If I remember). Today's question of the day is. Who is your favorite music artist (Single people, no bands).
Fajita Answers: Skrillex

(Yes, I do realize that I am a living stereotype of teenage guys, and yes I use Axe :P)
(This post took four tries to upload this post)

I will see you all later!
                     -Fajita OUT